21st Century West Marsh

Community Centre – Clip 1

The 21st Century West Marsh is a far cry from the memories on this website and on our Facebook page. Many people think that fondly remembered community spirit disappeared when the bulldozers came in the early seventies. But there are strong pockets of resistance to that way of thinking and there are people working hard to forge that spirit again. Anita Barber is the chair of the West Marsh Community Centre and her husband Neil is the Centre manager. Anita was the driving force of the group that set up the centre in what was a former school and youth club…..

Future Hopes – Clip 2

A large injection of funding is key to future hopes for the community centre …but some dreams are already becoming reality . Anita Barber again….

Belief and Investment – Clip 3

Neil Barber believes a strong element of the old spirit and feel of the West Marsh can be revived…but it will need partnership and a lot of belief…….

Investment Call – Clip 4

Andrew Reid  is only in his forties but he sees the Marsh as his forever home and he loves it. It does, though, he says, need a big push and a lot of love and care……

Spirit Still Alive

Our own West Marsh Heritage project is playing its part in re-generating the soul of the Marsh. According to the thousands of people who have signed up to our facebook page and are starting to look at our website and read and listen to the memories and stories recorded there, the project is pulling people together. Jackie Kirk says the spirit may have faded but it hasn’t died…..